A month later. The Faculty of Arts remembers the victims of the December shooting

In faculty buildings, musical programs are also arranged for students and teachers. They can borrow books among themselves. All the beneficiaries of the teachers' visit have asked the organizers for voluntary and unrestricted registrations to facilitate the completion of the event. The building remains open until 4:00 p.m. Photojournalists and newspapers are not allowed to enter the building during this time.

We know that we will only be open for a hundred days today, and only a hundred outside, but this is a big step towards a health center for us, said Eva Lehekov, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. According to him, the faculty, which was silent for a month, seems to be alive again after a month, at least for a while.

Charles University Rector Milena Krlkov thanked the students who helped organize the day of the event, the faculty leadership and other top officials and the public for their support for their openness and honesty.

FF UK Vice-Chancellor Martin Behl told the newspaper that all Sunday events are being moved to commemorate the December 21 event, which left 14 dead and 25 injured among students and teachers. According to him, the initial face of the faculty is based on the recommended psychologist, in their opinion, returning to the place of birth is an important part of the health facility.

An idol will be created from the candle

A plan has been prepared for the people in the Jan Balach Square and Vysok Koli Umlekkoprimislov (UMPRUM) buildings. On the premises of UMPRUM, citizens will be able to participate in the processing of wax from candles left by people on memorial sites near the seat of FF UK before the Karolinska explosion.

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In recent weeks, people have been placing candles and other items at places of worship. On Monday, January 5th, volunteers cleaned the stairs and around the faculty hall while students collected candles at Carolina.

A working group of staff and students from UMPRUM and FF UK was formed to create a table of what happened with the candles and how the material type will be created, announced long-time FF UK Head of External Relations Michaela Slusareff.

At the bonfire in the square, people can participate in the creation of a commemorative wax sculpture led by a student from UMPRUM. Temporary mobile rooms were created instead. In one of them, faculty students and academics can find detailed information about current activities related to research, functional deanship or forms of education.

After the tragic accident, teachers canceled classes until the end of the winter semester, and in January, various events for teachers began to take place in Moscow to help members of the circle and the public cope with the tragic event. As part of the mass initiative, a sacred bonfire will also be lit at the site, which will burn throughout January. Faculty students, take care of him. Msn's effort ended on January 30

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