A great tragedy, Klaus said, “Where is the country going?” The decline is said to have started since his departure

Former Prime Ministers Vaclav Klaus and Jan Fischer returned to the “scene of crime” that reigned several years ago. 13 Czech Prime Ministers came to open the exhibition in the Straka Academy garden, where the government office is located. Both Klaus and Fischer gave short interviews to Aktuálně.cz, while none of the other cabinet leaders attended the event.


In the Aktuálně.cz video, you can see samples from the opening of the 13 Czech Prime Ministers exhibition and interviews with former prime ministers Václav Klaus and Jan Fischer. | Video: Radek Bartoníček

“It’s a review, but on the other hand it’s a great regret about the unfortunate way the country has gone,” the former prime minister and then president responded. Vaclav GlasWhile viewing the exhibition.

He added with a smile that this “turnaround” began the very day he left the Prime Minister’s office in early January 1998. Klaus’s government then collapsed due to the country’s deep economic problems and an affair with the ODS’ secret funding. By him.

“If I wanted to put it more succinctly, it was when the ODS decidedly withdrew from real politics and took the field for a completely different people,” continued Klaus, who later parted ways with the ODS he founded and led. Many years. He blames the party for many things, for example its majority-friendly policy towards the EU. Many ODS members, on the other hand, object that Klaus has changed so much that he has little to do with the party’s values.

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The second former Prime Minister to visit the exhibition, John FischerOn the other hand, he generally praised the current situation in the Czech Republic. Although he admits that some issues bother him. “I like here and there, something annoys me. What you hear in the demonstrations about populism, the rise of extremism, Russia and Ukraine. I don’t want to hear that,” said Fischer, who clearly supports Ukraine. Defending itself against Russian aggression.

People can visit the exhibition at Straka Academy’s garden every Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm till August 26. The entrance is at the back of the building, i.e. from Vltava to Kosarkov Nabriji.

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