A construction crane fell on the road in Kiev

A water pipe ran under the construction site.

A blocked road, downed streetlights and four wrecked cars – these are the consequences of a construction crane falling onto a road in Kiev. He stopped at a construction site where a shopping center was being built. It was later revealed that the water pipe was under the construction site.

This is discussed in the December 1 Friday story D.S.N.

The crane fell and water poured onto the road. Utility crews had to control the flow for several hours, cutting off water supply to nearby homes.

Meanwhile, water and sand from the construction of road services on the road. And repairmen removed the crane from the road. The road was repaired in the evening.

Now the investigators must find out who is responsible for the accident: whether it was the water company that ignored the water main pipe, and because of the wind it washed away the pipe, or the builders who placed their equipment on such a device. It was pressed against the tube and broke.

“Whether it was a broken pipe, or whether the pipe fell and was crushed – we still have to sort it out and find out,” Serhiy Lavrinenko, chief engineer of Kyivvodokanal’s water supply network operations department, commented on the incident.

According to Mykola Kalashnyk, head of Kyiv’s Darnytsky district, an investigative and operational team is currently working to find out the true circumstances.

“According to available information, there was a washout of the collector network and landslide, which caused the crane to collapse. Four cars were damaged and none of the occupants were injured,” he said.

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We would like to remind residents of three residential complexes in Kyiv that they are still without heat. As it turned out, they owed Naptogaz 42 million.

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