Zelensky: Europe needs joint arms production

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Europe should expand the joint production of weapons, because its own capacity would allow it to defend itself against any development of the global situation.

As “European Truth” writes, Zelensky said this during a speech at Sweden's annual national conference “Society and Security”, the text of the speech is provided by the OP news service.

He noted that the nearly two-year war in Ukraine had demonstrated that Europe needed enough weapons to defend its freedom.

“The alliance is good. But the reliability of the parts of the alliance is not great, which will help keep the alliance as a coherent, effective, global security leader in all situations. And to build an arsenal to protect freedom, Europe needs joint weapons production – a much larger range of products than it has now,” Zelensky said. said.

He emphasized that Russia's aggressive ambitions can only be stopped where there is sufficient force to do so.

According to the President, Ukraine has already started joint security operations with Turkey, Romania, Poland and Great Britain. In addition, he spoke about agreements related to the Czech Republic, the United States and Germany.

“Of course, our offer to you is to work together, produce together, strengthen together. Ukraine is already and will always be one of the most important European defense donors. We strive to rely on both our own security and the security of our partners in the world's best weapons and equipment,” Zelenskyy said.

“Therefore, joint production with Sweden is a priority for us. And I hope that a day will come when you and I will see the opening of the first joint production with you in Ukraine,” he added.

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It is worth recalling that Finnish President Sauli Niinisto made the call in his New Year's speech. Investment in arms productionTo prove that Europe is strong.

According to the report, France is determined Ukraine should produce more weaponsAnd it cannot be replaced by donations or purchases.

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