Yesterday, Russians injured three residents of Shostkinsky district

Last April 23, the enemy opened fire 51 times along the border of the Sumy region. 242 explosions were recorded from mortar, MLRS, artillery, Russians used FPV drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Mykolayivska, Khotynska, Yunakivska, Bilopolska, Krasnopilska, Velikopysarivska, Novoslobidska, Hlukhivska, Shalyginska, Esmanska, Seredino-Budska communities burned.

As a result of enemy attacks, four people were injured:

Seredino-Batsk community: from the territory of the Russian Federation, mortar shelling (20 explosions), shelling from rocket launchers (5 explosions), artillery shelling (10 explosions). In addition, an enemy drone of the “FPV” type conducted an attack (2 explosions). A civilian was injured in the mortar blast.

Bilopolsk community: Russians attacked with mortars (11 explosions) and MLRS (7 explosions). As a result of the shelling, one local resident was injured.

Shalyginsk community: enemy hit by rocket launchers (37 explosions). 2 people were injured in the shelling. There was also an enemy drone attack of the “FPV” type (1 burst).

During the night and today, April 24, in the morning, the Russians launched 8 more shellings in the border areas of the region. 49 outbreaks were reported. The communities of Khotinsk, Velikopysarovsk and Esmansk came under fire. This was conveyed in the Sumi OVA.

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