What is today, June 16, holiday – everything about this day, what is a church holiday, what not to do

Today, June 16, is World Sea Turtle Day. The faithful venerate the memory of the martyr Lucian. There are 198 days left for the New Year.

June 16, 2023 – Friday. 478th day of war in Ukraine.

Today June 16 is a church holiday

June 16 in the church calendar – Martyr Lucian’s Memorial Day. He was a pagan priest who lived in the 3rd century. He renounced his faith and embraced Christianity. Lucian preached the word of God and converted many of his subjects to Christ. They learned about the former Jewish priest’s activities and reported him. The leader of the city ordered the arrest of Lucilian and his imprisonment. The saint was tortured for a long time along with other Christians, and then his head was cut off.

What can not be done on this day

  • Do not argue in vain with relatives, do not talk in vain.
  • It is better to postpone any physical work.
  • Do not make contracts, they will not bring any benefit.

Folk symbols and traditions for June 16

Our ancestors had many interesting omens for this day:

  • I saw what day it was today: rain all day – expect a large number of mushrooms in autumn;
  • The dog eats a little and sleeps – it will rain;
  • In the morning fog covers the water, the weather is sunny;
  • Winds from the north in the evening – it will be a clear day.

Morning of June 16, fog will cover the water – sunny weather / Photo: Pixels

On this day they learned how to find the best place to dig a well if it became necessary. For this they took the pan and kept it upside down on the ground and waited for some time. If the inside of the pan is wet, there is water nearby, you can dig a well.

Our ancestors followed the direction of the wind on June 16. According to folk beliefs, if the south wind blows, spring breads will grow quickly, the northwest promises diseases and wet weather, the east – infections, and the northeast predicts long rains.

Weather for June 16

Today, June 16, in Kyiv, clouds will appear in the sky only in the afternoon, and will disperse without rain by evening. In Lviv, cloudy weather will last until evening, with heavy rain in the afternoon, which will weaken in the evening. Kharkiv is clear with no precipitation. In Odessa, the morning and the second half of the day are cloudless, clouds may appear in the evening without rain.

The air temperature in Kiev is +26 during the day and +17 at night. In Lviv – +16 during the day and +15 at night. In Cork – +26 during the day and +16 at night. In Odessa – +25 during the day and +20 at night.

June 16 Memorial Dates

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on June 16:

  • 1578 – Cossack leader, Moldavian Master Ivan Pitkova executed in Lviv;
  • 1874 – Ceremonial opening of Cavendish Laboratory takes place;
  • 1903 – Ford Motor Company is founded;
  • 1919 – The Holy See, in the person of Pope Benedict XV, recognizes the independence of the Ukrainian People’s Republic;
  • 1934 – The first conference of writers of Ukraine begins in Kharkiv and creates the Writers’ Union of Ukraine (SPU);
  • 1998 – The first live broadcast of childbirth on the Internet (a 40-year-old American woman from Florida, who agreed to the experiment, gave birth to a boy named Sean).

Name Day: How to Name a Baby Born on June 16

What are today’s birthdays: Athanasius, Denis, Dimitro, Claudius, Lucian, Pavlo, Feodosius, Julian, Iolanda.

Amulet for those born on June 16 sardonyx. A very popular stone among jewelers. Sardonyx has long been used to treat fractures and sprains, as it was believed to be able to activate the regenerative process. It has long been believed that the owner of this gem will soon find his soul mate.

Born on this day:

  • 1855 – Ukrainian architect George Shleifer;
  • 1906 – Ukrainian social and political activist, writer, publicist Zinovai Naish (pseudonym P. Mykhailik);
  • 1957 – Vasyl Vovkun, Ukrainian director and screenwriter.

What a day today in Ukraine and in the world

On June 16, Ukraine and the world celebrate World Sea Turtle Day / Photo: Pixels

June 16 is celebrated in Ukraine and around the world World Sea Turtle Day. Various events are held on this day, the aim of which is to draw the attention of mankind to the problems faced by the inhabitants of the sea. The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance. Archie Carr was born on this day in 1909, an eminent American scientist in the field of ecology who devoted his entire life to the study of sea turtles. Thanks to his efforts, one of the largest national parks was created in Costa Rica, where you can study sea turtles in their natural habitat. The celebrations are organized under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund.

Also on June 16 International Day of Family Remittances. A young but important event was first held in 2015 during a large-scale political forum in Milan. In 2018, the holiday was confirmed and made official by the United Nations. Nowadays, labor migration is a very common phenomenon. Often one of the family members goes to another country in search of income and then sends money to his relatives.

They celebrate on June 16 Day of fresh vegetables. Its main goal is to involve people in proper nutrition, emphasizing the importance of consuming fresh vegetables, which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and useful substances.

June 16 International Day of the African Child. The event was initiated in 1991 by the Organization of African Unity. The date was not chosen by chance, as it was the anniversary of the demonstration in Soweto (South Africa), as black schoolchildren took to the streets to defend their rights to be educated in their mother tongue and generally receive better schooling. Officers began shooting at the demonstrators. About 600 people died and another 6,000 were arrested. This happened in 1976.

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