Ukraine's air defense measures will only last until next month, media/NV reports

Military Equipment of Defense Forces (Photo: Raytheon)

The interlocutors of the publication said that there are now military problems in Ukraine «Go beyond a war.”

“Ukrainian troops are exhausted, they are running out of weapons and ammunition. Air defense systems, critical to protecting civilians from Russian missiles, are being steadily depleted by continuous bombings,” the article says.

According to the estimates of US officials, without replenishing Ukraine's air defense mechanisms, it will last only until next month.

Earlier, the Financial Times, citing US and European officials, said Ukraine was facing a severe shortage of Western artillery ammunition needed to counter Russian attacks. US aid is running out and Europe is unable to meet its own arms production targets.

On February 8, the US Senate voted for further discussion of a new draft law on allocating additional funds to Ukraine in the amount of 60 billion dollars. It offers hope for a breakthrough in protecting even more dangerous weapons, but congressional support is far from clear.

Western officials warn that in the coming months, Ukraine's ability to fight will diminish due to insufficient resources. At the same time, Russia is already using its advantages to achieve success in key areas, in particular, the strategic Avtivka.

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