The man urged his son to fight like a man. He cut his lung with a bow tie

According to the indictment, 27-year-old Robert R. His girlfriend, who had broken up with him the same day, was upset when he returned with her ex-boyfriend for her personal belongings.

He first struck him with a telescoping staff, and when he wrested the damaged staff from his hands and challenged him to fight like a man, he reached into his pocket for a knife called a palisong or bow tie. According to the criminal investigation, he stabbed his son in the area of ​​​​the shoulder blade, causing a deep cut in the lung, through which air entered the victim. Additionally, Robert R. Had to puncture the car's tires with an unwelcome visitor.

According to the forensic expert, the severity of the attack on Bovti was high as the knife reached the lung. The victim underwent surgery after which he was released with no lasting effects.

“I feel guilty, but I don't agree with how the situation is being described,” the defendant told the court. According to his words, he saw the victim and did not want to inflict serious injuries on him. “It was for sarcasm, he yelled at me to fight like a man. He escalated it, challenged me and I only bowed once,” he declared.

It is said that he only wanted to evict his ex-partner's ex-boyfriend from his room, where he was staying at the time of the incident. “I didn't know I hurt him. There was no need to call an ambulance,” he said. Juice slashed the car's tires and returned to the cabin.

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