Lviv will say goodbye to defenders Orest Ivanevich and Nazar Tuda, who died in the war (photo) – Varda 1

On Saturday, January 13, Lviv will say goodbye By two Orest Ivanevich and Nazar Duda, who died at the hands of Russian invaders while defending Ukraine. about this reported In press service of LMR

Funeral services for veterans will begin at 11:00 a.m. at St. Garrison Church. Processor. Peter and Paul, City Farewell Ceremony at 11:30am in Rynok Square.

Orest Ivanevich will be buried at Lichakiv Cemetery. Nasser will be buried in Duda village. Lisnevichi Pustomidiwska OTG.

Orest Ivanevich (22.01.1984-07.01.2024). A native of Lviv.

He received his secondary education at a local evening school.

Later, he worked in the Lviv communal enterprise “Lvivavtodor”, and in the last period – worked in the construction industry in Poland and the Czech Republic.

He was a very active and mobile person, loved active hobbies and loved fishing. According to relatives, Orest Ivanevich “loved to learn about life.” Among others, he was distinguished by extraordinary kindness – he was always ready to help.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, despite the lack of military experience, he volunteered for the defense of the motherland in the order of territorial defense. Protected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state in the Sumy region, Kharkiv region and Donetsk region as part of the 125th separate regional defense brigade of the “Western” regional administration of the regional defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For personal courage and fidelity to the military pledge, he was awarded the “War Hero” badge and the “Honor and Glory” Cross.

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Orest Ivanevich lives with his wife, son and brother.

Nasser Duda (14.07.1978-04.01.2024). A native of Lviv.

Lyceum of Lviv City Council no. Studied at 15. Received vocational and technical education at Higher Vocational School No. 20 of Lviv city.

After completing his studies, he was engaged in car repair. In his free time, he loved football and actively played in local teams. Nasser Duda was an exceptionally sociable person and had many friends.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he stood up to defend the motherland from the invaders. The 13th Separate Air Assault Battalion named after Hero of Ukraine Colonel Taras Senyuk of the 95th Separate Air Assault Polish Regiment of Air Assault conducted combat operations in the eastern direction to protect the territorial integrity and independence of the state. Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Nasser Duda lives with his grandmother, parents, wife, 8-year-old son and his wife's mother.

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Residents of Lviv and guests of the city are requested to attend the farewell ceremony of the city and refrain from entertainment events and celebrations during this time.

The maximum fee is UAH 15 million

The agreement was the first in the field of defense agreements to implement the agreements agreed during the Vilnius NATO summit between Ukraine.

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