Carps do not swim in front of some shops. Chains contribute to the safety of animals

According to the chain, it will end the sale of carp from vats in front of stores Billa Part of a broader strategy the company is committed to protecting animals and the environment. That is why it stopped selling crackers last year, the company said in a press release.

I am Lidl Like last year, he decided not to allow carb sales in front of his stores. Customers will be able to buy packaged carp fillets and horseshoes in Lidl stores from Thursday, December 14, spokeswoman Iveta Barabášová said.

Chain customers Tesco From Tuesday, December 19, carp will be bought from vats in front of selected stores, spokeswoman Eva Pavloskova said. “Refrigerated whole and part carp are available direct from stores for two weeks before Christmas Day,” he added.

From December 19, there will also be vats of carp in front of some shops Albert, The sale will end on Saturday, December 23, spokesman Jiri Marecek said. “In most cases, Albert is not the owner of the areas in front of the stores and does not affect the possibility of selling carp in the tanks. In our stores, customers can buy Czech fish with a sustainable aquaculture certificate. We announced this last week in collaboration with Mendel University,” says Marek.

Available in front of direct carb stores, three to four days before Christmas Penny market. “We want customers to be able to choose whether they want to stick with tradition or choose from chilled or frozen fish in our store,” said spokesman Tomasz Kubic.

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On Sunday, December 17, the retail chain’s 143 stores will begin selling carp from outside tanks in 133 of them. Coffland.

Petition for peas

This year, a petition by the Czech branch of the international organization Compassion in World Farming called for an end to the sale of live carp. Company representatives presented the petition to Klářa Kocmanová (Pirates), Vice-Chair of the Parliamentary Committee for the Environment. So far, more than 10,000 people have signed. In it, the organizers have pointed out that there is not enough oxygen for the carp in the plastic bag or in the bathtub. They said the killing is often not done professionally and the fish suffer a lot.

According to the State Livestock Administration (SVS), at least seven days before the start of the sale, stallholders must register their spaces through an online form. Additionally, it is mandatory to specify when and how long the sale will take place. SVS provides an overview of carp stalls on its website.

“Based on the information received about the points of sale, SVS carries out inspections every year. Vendors found to have deficiencies in the previous year and new vendors are inspected on a priority basis,” said director Zbyněk Semerád.

According to him, at the end of last year, SVS inspected about 760 sellers and found irregularities in 2.2 percent of the cases. Against 2021, it was less. Sanitation rules were often violated.

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