Budanov’s wife poisoned: Russian Federation involved in attempt on Mariana Budanova

According to Podoliak, the main purpose of the attack on Budano’s wife was to sow panic in Ukrainian society.

The President’s Office believes Russia was involved in the poisoning of Mariana Budanova, the wife of Chief Intelligence Officer Kirill Budanov.

This opinion was expressed in an interview by the adviser to the head of the presidential office, Mykhailo Podoliak. 24 channels.

“Unfortunately, let’s be objective from the point of view that Russia had an “open door” with Ukraine for 30 years. It not only actively worked in Ukraine in the information, political or cultural space, but also created various agency networks. Whether they were protected by a small legend or immediately revealed themselves, is more, ” he noted.

Podolyak noted that a large network of Russian special services operates on the territory of Ukraine.

“From time to time they are found and arrested by the SBU, which works very professionally. But we notice that a certain number of agents have an even deeper legend on the territory of Ukraine. Do they have any access, can they do something? Abundance. Is everyone at risk? So. Should you be careful? Of course. Should we talk about it? “Yes, we feel that war has not disappeared because it is fair information,” the politician asserted.

According to Podoliak, Russia is trying to bring its agents to Ukraine using third countries.

“The war today is not only demarcation and direct front line. It is attacks by missiles and drones across Ukraine, the work of agents of Russia, DRG in Sumy, Chernihiv regions. This is an attempt to bring. Here some additional agents, especially through the border of third countries. All this work today are doing,” said OP’s chief counsel.

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He said that an investigation is currently underway in the case.

“Let’s see if there’s a large network involved as a result of countermeasures, some random agent doing something there, etc. The intent becomes clear. Again, Russia wants to get the maximum increase in the sense of panic here, Because it would be an extra burden. This will increase the percentage of disillusioned people, who will be even more afraid. Russia’s psychological tactics are clear. “Our trick with you is to understand that we are in a state of war,” Podoliak concluded.

Let us remind that two versions of the attempt on Budano’s wife and GUR employees were presented by the Reserve Major of the NSU Hetman.

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