A house exploded in Otinovs in Prostějovsk. One died – ČT24 – Czech TV

After the explosion was reported, eight fire brigades arrived in Odinovci. “They eliminate fires in the roof structure and outbuildings,” Hossack said. Firefighters will use a drone to check the condition of roofs near the fire.

The director of Olomouc regional rescuers, Andrea Rakovičová, said the explosion was reported at 12:16. As a precaution, the air rescue team’s ambulance and helicopter rushed to the spot. “After the firefighters allowed us to go to the scene, the crew found a charred body, which already showed some signs of death. It was found approximately twenty meters from the place of the explosion,” Rakovikova explained, adding that the gender and identity of the dead person will be determined through an autopsy.

There were no other injuries at the scene of the explosion, but an ambulance was on the scene. “That area is still being searched, and it is being determined whether this problem affects others. But no one else in our care has finished yet,” Rakovicova said.

Emergency medical services are contacting nearby residents. “For preventive reasons, some were examined by medical personnel on the spot,” Hossack added.

The cause of explosion in residential buildings is usually gas, sometimes pyrotechnics or explosives. The Czech Republic has seen a number of house explosions in recent years. In July last year, for example, it was in Olšany near Prostějov. A terraced house there was demolished by the blast and two other houses were damaged, killing one person in the blast. According to the investigation, the owner deliberately caused the explosion.

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Last year, in April, a house exploded in Loučka, Vsetínsk, killing four others. A man later accused of murder was seriously injured.

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