Zhdanov appreciated the words of the Polish president about the decisive weeks for our country – TSN exclusive – tsn.ua

Zhdanov is convinced that the Russian Federation will actually try to attack, and the further course of the war will depend on this attempt.

In Russia’s war against Ukraine, “within a few months or weeks, a decisive moment will come,” commented military expert Oleh Zhdanow on the recent words of Polish President Andrzej Duda, which “will answer the question: Ukraine will live or not”

He said this in an interview TSN.ua.

“It seems realistic. The fact is that all these statements refer to the deadline announced by the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zalusnyi. He said that the possible deadline would be February, March or early April. During this period, Russia will try to deploy troops and resume offensive operations. Then it will be for us. will be decisive,” Zhdanov said.

According to him, the Ukrainians should not only withstand this defensive operation, but also inflict a significant defeat on the Russian troops. Therefore, the next course of the war depends on this initiative of Russia.

“Or everything will turn into a positional war, and then this will lead to the beginning of negotiations. Or if we inflict a significant defeat on the Russian army, we will have a question of moving to a counterattack to liberate the territories.” The expert concluded.

The new offensive of the Russian Federation: what is known

We will remind you that Russia is stockpiling people and weapons, Valery Zalusnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A new attack. The general believes that the attack “could happen in February, in the best case in March, in the worst case – at the end of January.”

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According to his information, the Russians will attack Kayi again from the north, or the Donbass or the south.

Oleg Zhdanov said earlier that the Russians would most likely continue Throw all forces to capture the Donetsk region.

The SBU’s reserve Major General Viktor Yakun named four directions the Russians could attack, and suggested that an offensive could take place. in all four directions simultaneously.

Military expert Pavlo Narosni drew attention to the fact that the Russians could Attack the sumi area From the Kursk side, there are many Russian troops there.

In turn, Ukrainian intelligence acknowledged that Russia has several scenarios for a new attack, but stressed: Most of the information spread on the internet is wrong.

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