Zhdanov answered how Engels Airfield works without a control point: can planes with missiles take off from there?

Currently, the fixed flight control system there has been destroyed.

Military aircraft can take off from any solid surface. Also, with the help of instruments, he can land. At the same time Engels AirportAs a result of “Cotton” on December 26, the standard control system was destroyed.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained Why do airplanes take to the skies despite this?

“Take-off is easier than landing. But the controller adjusts its position in space so that the air engines do not collide. Based on the weather report, the controller determines where it is better to land, the time interval. , and when the plane should land,” – explained Zhdanov.

According to him, Engels Airport is operating despite the risk of plane crashes.

“They (planes – ed.) can land and take off. But this is a great fear of emergency. 10 planes lift 80 missiles. It is necessary to carry them one by one, without colliding in the air, in a line of battle, then, when they arrive, they must be landed, parking spaces must be allocated . If the Russians use the field control and navigation system, this airfield can be recovered. Currently, the fixed structure there is destroyed,” he added.

“Cotton” in “Engels” at the Russian airfield: known

On December 26, at the strategic bomber airfield in Engels, Saratov region, Russia. Explosions rang outThe second time was “Cotton” in December.

3 people were killed in these blasts.

As noted by Ukrainian experts, the airfield in Engels is one of the Russian base facilities where TU-95 and TU-22 aircraft carrying four or more missiles are concentrated.

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New explosives have also been reported at the army base Airport in Engels Indicates that Russian air defenses are ineffective.

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