You are not lying. You never know what will happen. At the party, Jureka had to answer unpleasant questions

The pension age in the Czech Republic should gradually increase over 65 according to life expectancy. At age 50, depending on when the Statistics Office determines life expectancy, we find out when we retire. Wouldn’t it be more clear and reasonable to tell people that they will go beyond 65?

Minister Jurek rejects this. “For the first time, we are establishing a clear mechanism and we intend to enshrine this policy in law,” Minister Jureka said. “We set up a mechanism that objectively says: according to the life expectancy of a given population year, the mechanism adjusts for a maximum of two months, between years, between generations. Today, that time can take up to six months for some people,” Jureka explained.

“I have a big problem with that. We don’t want to raise the retirement age. We’re a really dynamic industrial country in the EU, but of course the labor force is also rapidly depleting. I can’t imagine that people under 66 can work in hard jobs,” countered Juselka.

Jureka added that a list of demanding industries is being developed. “We are actually identifying all the risks for all jobs. We are looking for which of these professions we will allow to leave five years earlier. Two demanding professions have already been introduced: paramedics and firefighters,” said Jureka, who will be physically demanding professions.

  • Deputy Prime Minister

According to him, the pension reform has ten parameters. “It is a shame that your proposal was not submitted. “We are now doing pension reform in twelve minutes,” Jureka said in Juselak’s direction.

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“You are chasing what you ignored in the past. If you want to keep talking about the fact that the ANO movement has not presented anything,” Juselka replied. According to him, the minister finds ankle kicking.

Another topic is energy prices and their price hikes.

“For households, next year’s prices will be practically the same as this year’s, for most residents. It’s also important to look at the final prices of energy and regulatory components,” Jureka said unequivocally about energy prices. “We will not allow Czech companies to be less competitive against the Germans. Just like we didn’t do it last year,” Jureka said.

However, the presenter pointed out to him that Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS) had said that he was not going to do subsidy races with Germany. “We will look for targeted support for companies. We did it last year and we will do it now,” Jureka pointed out.

“I regret that the government does not want to talk about this on the floor of the House of Representatives. It is defamatory. “Energy prices will go up,” says Juselka. He is also not satisfied that the government did not even start the debate in the last extraordinary session of the House of Representatives.

“The government should say what it looks like in the future. We have the most expensive energy prices in the EU. I urge this government not to lie to citizens or companies about energy prices. “No one knows that the energy component of energy will decrease in the future,” Juselka further pointed out, asking the government not to politicize it.

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Visegrad countries have significantly cheaper electricity, moderator Tománková pointed out. However, some homes will have cheaper energy, Jureka added. “For families, most of them, we will be at the values ​​we had in 2023,” says Jureka.

“My fixation on our house is over. The price of energy will go up for me by 42%. A lot of us are like that,” Juselka noted. – However, Jureka objected that it was necessary to state the price now and what it would be after that. However, Juselec didn’t say that. – “But you can’t reduce the energy and do something for the citizens,” Juselka reproaches.

State assistance with energy prices is implemented through housing allowance. “As part of the Housing Allowance and Housing Link, we help all families who do not have enough income to cover expenses,” Jureka explained.

Juselka fears that even those who are actively working will not be able to pay their living expenses. “It’s a big tragedy not only for the self-reliance of those families, but certainly for the social fabric,” Juselka pointed out, adding that the cost of living would increase for every family and every senior citizen. “Because of the consolidation package and what the government has done with the prices of goods,” Juselka added.


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