Yes dominates the vote. Voters will remove TOP 09 and the People’s Party from the House of Representatives

According to STEM Agency’s May model for CNN Prima News, the opposition movement ANO will now win the election with 33.5 percent of the vote. Second would be reigning ODS with 14.6 per cent and third would be Pirates with 10.8 per cent.

“I think this is the result of constant and hard work of our shadow government,” says Alena Schillerová, head of the parliamentary club of the ANO movement.

TOP 09, ČSSD, KSČM and KDU-ČSL were below the five percent threshold to enter the House of Representatives. Today, the TV party Terecia Tomankova presented the model in the program, where Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) and former Prime Minister and leader of the ANO movement Andrej Babiš participated in the debate.

The SPD and STAN movements will also enter the lower house of parliament, according to a sample of 1,141 participants from May 18 to 29. The model was developed shortly after the cabinet tabled proposals for a consolidation package for budget recovery and pension reform.

“We have to deal with significant inflation and energy prices. That’s true, and it naturally affects preferences,” Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) commented in a recent poll on Prima TV.

According to the model, the opposition SPD had 9.3 percent of the vote and the coalition STAN 5.8 percent. In the sample, TOP 09 received 4.7 percent of the vote, ČSSD 4.1 percent, KSČM 3.8 percent, and the People’s Party 3.4 percent. Other subjects completed less than three percent.

According to a model by the Kantar agency for Czech television, the ANO movement will win in April and May with 31 percent of the vote. The Spolu coalition (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL) will receive 25 percent. If the Pirates and STAN were combined, the government coalition would not have won a majority in the House of Representatives, according to a model developed before the announcement of the consolidation package. He will have 43 percent of the vote.

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