Worst Christmas Day in years, rescue workers report. Firefighters were also busy

We had the worst Christmas Day in years. This is what medical experts and doctors across the country are saying. Doctors almost did not stop day and night. They treated not only the injured, but also those who had eaten too much or came to the emergency room with a respiratory illness. And the firefighters, who have traveled extensively over the past five years, have also been busy.

A much needed Christmas. This is what health professionals are talking about on Christmas Day Saturday. “In our emergency department, the paramedics experienced one of the cruelest Christmas nights, they treated dozens of people, dozens of injuries, assaults or falls,” said Monika Sakrolova, a spokeswoman for Jihlava Hospital.

“We recorded 340 discharges up to midnight on Christmas Eve. This is a huge number. Stomach aches, overeating, alcohol poisoning. We also had an interesting case of poisoning where a boy cut himself with a knife while undressing his clothes. He gave up and bled profusely,” said South. Moravian Rescuers spokeswoman Michaela Podova announced.

Traditionally, doctors also dealt with bones stuck in the neck. Four patients were treated at Jihlava Hospital alone during the evening.

Doctors at the emergency department in Prague Mottol experience a heavy rush of pediatric patients on Saturdays and Sundays. “Pediatricians have holidays when they have three or four days off, so all the children come to us. We don’t have time, because there are few emergency rooms in Prague, currently there are four, which are unfortunately not enough. Even the capacity, all the nurses and doctors try” emergency The doctor in the treatment department noted, Pavel Boček.

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Children are mainly affected by respiratory diseases and fever. During the day, the waiting time went as long as five hours.

Even the firemen did not stop. They made a total of 370 trips on Christmas Day, the most in the past five years. Karlovy Vary firefighters went out to the Christmas tree fire at around 6pm on Saturday. “The cause of the fire was a sparkler on the Christmas tree that was left unattended,” explained Lukasz Cerny, Commissioner for Population Safety and Productivity. A spark set fire to a house in Prague 4 on Saturday evening.

“Central Bohemia firefighters went out yesterday to 55 incidents, most of these incidents were technical assistance, in our case mostly fallen trees,” commented John Sikora, spokesman for the fire department of the Central Bohemia region.

Instead, some police officers celebrated Christmas quietly. For example, police officers in Burdubice took a 90-year-old woman out to change a light bulb, and Ostrava policemen also had a quieter day than usual. “We are investigating the case of a traffic accident that happened yesterday morning in Ostrava. A pedestrian was hit by a car driver while crossing a crosswalk,” said René Czernohorski, a spokesman for the police from the Moravian-Silesian region. .

The woman thought she had a fever. Doctors gave her a life-threatening diagnosis:

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