Wolf, tk, new arrests. Those Ukrainian women who value life in the country, I.D

Olena Ustenko.

Olena: From printer to data analysis

Olena Ustenko lived an absolutely normal, quiet and peaceful life with her family in Kiev. He worked as a banker, she worked as a data analyst, and their two children cycled, exercised and played with their friends. However, for Ukraine, the wolf turned their current reality upside down, as it did for hundreds.

We decided on this after the wolves broke out, but we didn’t know where to go. It was clear that we could not stay in Kiev. So once we left, it was clear we couldn’t move, Olena said.

Kyiv is our home, but it is also our capital. He stays in the fire until the wolf dies.

Olena saw her only chance to find a new place to live for herself and her family. She fled to Eska in the middle of the year with her children, sister and nephew. Her manel had to stay in the den of wolves. She saw him only once during the entire year of her exile.

We all experienced hell in prison. Eskil helped us, sheltered us, clothed us, fed us… but in the first weeks I was all alone. I don’t brush my tongue, the children are home, we have no land. We drank all night, Mr. Over time, I was able to get him his own apartment, and fit the children on bicycles. But what should I do with myself?

Olena got a job at a printing press – together with her sister, they sat next to the dog after twelve-hour shifts so that one of them could always look after the children. At the same time, in his spare time, he helped the American company where he worked in Ukraine. But wages were low and costs were high.

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At that time, he saw an ad in Digital Academy. She never spent a single minute with Bilka – she always dreamed of a job in the IT industry. Entrance interview was conducted. Even if she reads the check, she won’t get it right. Even so, she fell asleep during the interview. They drank her.

Studying in a foreign language is certainly not easy, to begin with. But everyone is always very happy to help me – lecturers, other students … In addition, thanks to the Academy, I found a new friend and stuck to my skin, she praises herself.

Life is going in a good direction

After the round, Olena began to look for a new job, went to job interviews, but got nowhere. He was eventually hired as a data analyst at a grocery wholesaler. He has been working here since last summer. I am very grateful for the kindness I received at Esk. I want to stay here. Doku imagine here, understand Olena.

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