Why did Russia open fire on a house in Dnipro?

British intelligence insists Russia’s claims that Ukrainian air defenses were involved in the tragedy in Dnipro are false.

Russia hits home DniproKilled at least 40 people, mostly by X-22 anti-ship missilesIt is inaccurate when used against ground targets.

about this informs Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

British intelligence noted that Russia had resumed long-range missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure on January 14. Then, for the first time in two weeks, the invaders fired dozens of rockets.

During the previous eight mass shelling attacks since October 11, 2022, it is indicated that the Russian Federation’s strikes were primarily aimed at the power grid.

“A large Kh-22 anti-ship missile launched from a Tu-22M3 bomber hit a residential building in Dnipro, possibly killing at least 40 people. Russia falsely claimed that a Ukrainian air defense missile was responsible. AS-4 KITCHEN (Kh- 22 – ed., cited by intelligence name NATO classification) is known to be inaccurate when used against ground targets because its radar guidance system does not distinguish targets in urban areas,” the report said.

Similar weapons in the Russian Federation have been responsible for other incidents with massive civilian casualties, including the shelling of a shopping center. Kremenchuk June 27, 2022.

British intelligence insisted, Kh-22 missiles are ill-suited for precision strikes, and evidence from the war in Ukraine suggests that the dysfunction in Russia’s long-range strike capability runs deep.

“While some missiles, such as the Kitchen, are ill-suited for high-precision strikes, evidence from the war in Ukraine suggests that the dysfunction is deep in Russia’s long-range strike capability. Often, it attempts to dynamically identify and gain access to targets for rapid and accurate assessment of the damage inflicted,” the British Ministry of Defense added. Said.

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Missile attack on Dnipro

The troops of the Russian Federation attacked a high-rise building Dnipro on January 14.

As of the morning of January 17, the Dnipro is already high The rescue operation has been going on for 63 hours. As of this morning, 90% of the rubble of the apartment building destroyed by the Russians has been removed. Lifeguards are still there Looking for 25 quiet residents in building. Unfortunately 39 people were saved 40 civilians died. Another 79 people, including 16 children, were injured. Currently 28 people are injured and in hospitals, 10 are in critical condition.

Who was killed by a Russian missile in Dnipro – Information, photos and videos about the deceased.

SBU is already installed Surnames of Russian pilotsInvolved in missile attack on Dnipro.

Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin said law enforcement officials knew The person who issued the criminal order.

said the mayor of Dnipro Where the Russians were aiming, whose rocket hit the house.

TSN sources in the police of Dnipropetrovsk region, according to preliminary information, shortly before the tragedy Suspicious persons photographed one of the objects of the energy infrastructure. According to unofficial data, teenagers may be participants in an Internet game created by the Russians with the aim of identifying such objects.

The head of the Ministry of Defense had earlier warned about the same game And asked parents to supervise their children.

President Volodymyr Zelensky promised All the perpetrators of this war crime will be found and brought to justice. The President insisted that this strike on Dnipro, like other similar strikes, was, in particular, subject to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

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