Which side is breaking the law? The worst enemies are the SPD and the People’s Party

A few days ago, the Publicity Supervision and Administration of Political Parties (DHPSPH) announced that it will publish fines and offenses committed by political parties and movements. The innovation started with the new head of the company, who became Frantiek Siver at the beginning of January. He succeeded Wojciech Weiss.

The public should first get information about how the parties and candidates who are seeking power are complying with the law. Sivar commented for iDNES.cz that the professor who oversaw the transparency of money in politics should also be transparent and let the public see how he fulfills his role.

People can capture the faults of parties

According to his words, during his six years of existence he imposed seven hundred fines of over 11 million crowns on parties and movements alone. Thanks to the overview, the public can get a picture of what the parties are up to, and not only that, but that they are more likely to make mistakes, the party leader told iDNES.cz.

Therefore, the authors are surprised that in recent years the party and the movement have received more fines and made more mistakes. Available Meaning Tomio Okamura’s SPD paid the highest fine.

For example, the SPD was fined 85,000 kroner for failing to disclose data on all persons who made non-penalty donations during the 2017 elections for the House of Representatives and the senta in Trudno. In addition, in the days leading up to the election, the electoral race was not submitted, and at first, it did not disclose the funding of the election campaign on the Internet.

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The movement had to pay another 50,000 for non-cooperation during the investigation. Two lakhs, inclusive of the fine stated in the outline, the movement later received, among other things, an unspecified amount, certain expenses for campaigning and a legal lie that was not transferred from the election.

Thus, he first found dissent in a funding campaign. However, this was not the last fine, SPD had to pay several times for not ensuring that the media advertisement contained information about the client and the app. In total, the Okamur party paid a fine of 448 thousand crowns.

People are very hch

Apart from the SPD, other parliamentary parties also received fines. However, among them, KDU-SL dominates, with a total of eight errors. The ANO Movement, SPD and KSM came second with seven votes. As far as the sewers were concerned, the people paid a total of 201,000 crowns for the fault, which was one-fourth of the city.

For example, in the 2017 elections to the House of Representatives, they did not release data on the elections. For that they were fined 55 thousand crowns. They had to pay another 75,000 kroner for an unmarked profile on Facebook with information about the contractor, and did not publish data about the drugs again.

As for other parties and movements, for example, ANO paid a fine of 211 thousand crowns. Thus, the 2017 elections to the House of Representatives were fined. 55,000 crowns was sanctioned because of non-disclosure of certain documents in the days leading up to the election.

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Even KSM was not fined. He had to pay a total of 208,000 crowns, while the ruling ODS party paid a total of 135,000 crowns for breaking the law. For example, the fact that he did not submit a financial statement for 2020 will cost him 40 thousand crowns.

SSD also had problems, it issued a fine of 95 thousand crowns. Then Birthi had to pay 93 thousand crowns. Among other things, 55 thousand crowns are your non-public holdings. STAN paid a fine of 68 thousand crowns and TOP 09 later 55 thousand crowns.

Fischer paid for the failed presidential election

For example, the PES movement emerged among groups for the first time during the Covid era. They paid 27,000 crowns for a public report on fraud in last year’s elections to Cent.

He also disclosed the amount of fines he gave to individuals, not just political parties and movements. Among them was the communist Josef Schla, who had to pay 15,000 crowns for not disclosing information about the contractor and the operator. It was the summer of the presidential election.

During the 2018 cent election, G Parupek was fined 40,000 kroner for not publishing your tax return, not sending a financial campaign and not publishing a financial campaign on the Internet.

Failed presidential candidate Pavel Fischer had to pay for the presidential election. He committed 11 crimes in 2018. Among other things, you spent the funds for the election within 180 days from the date of declaration of the overall election results. He did not send a summary of the total election results of all ethnic groups within 90 days. For that he paid 18 thousand crowns.

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Information will be attached

Mirek Topolnek is among the victims who were fined twice for a total of 30 thousand crowns. For example, he did not provide the necessary cooperation during the investigation. Former MP Lubomr Voln, who did not declare the methods of the election campaign, paid a fine of 15 thousand kroner.

Advertising has in the past provided information to the database under the Free Access to Information Act. Considering that this is information that should be made public, but in relation to the general public with the other information provided, he decided to publish these comments separately, President Sivar told iDNES.cz, adding that there will be more information. This is in addition to the completion of the first women.

According to him, the reviews do not and will not include the terminated women.

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