When will there be a new missile attack on Ukraine?

Russia seeks missile strikes

Russian invaders are preparing for a new mass Missile attack All over Ukraine. It could happen in the next few days.

About this opinions Spokesperson of OC “Pivden” Nataliya Humenyuk told Saspilno.

Humenyuk noted that the Russians are actively using drones, indicating that they are preparing for a major missile strike, as this is how the occupiers conduct intelligence.

“They first gather information about the targets they want to attack. Often, these are critical infrastructure items. They continue their efforts to create man-made discomforts for our people, especially in cold weather. They are constantly searching. Air defense systems that they dream of attacking ” , Humenyuk explained.

Humenyuk added that Russia now needs 12 to 14 days to prepare for missile strikes. So, a new shelling may happen in the near future.

“Since it usually takes 10, 12 or 14 days to re-arm after a massive missile attack by the enemy, we can say that we are now ahead of such a massive missile attack,” said the “South” spokesperson. “OC.

So far the enemy missile carrier has not been taken to sea due to the storm. Also, the aggressors are reloading new missiles to launch on Ukraine.

Massive missile strikes

Russian terrorists have been carrying out a massive shelling of Ukraine with missiles since February 24, destroying residential buildings and infrastructure. From October 10, 2022, terrorists will attack energy infrastructure. The goal of the occupiers was their desire to leave Ukrainians without electricity and heat during the winter.

Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the President’s Office, said that a new missile attack on Ukraine could be launched on January 12-15. The Russians are already preparing for this.

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