“When he got drunk, all hell broke loose.” Alcohol played a role in two sexual assault cases

“Alcohol is not a reason or an excuse for domestic violence against women,” emphasized Zdena Prokopová from the Rosa Center, which helps women victims of violence. “However, alcohol is one of the risk factors associated with an increased risk of serious violence or homicide,” Prokopova said.

She cited the specific example of a woman who had been married for twenty years. The man, who was addicted to alcohol, beat his wife and forced her to do unpleasant things and raped him. “She literally said: He’s drunk to hell, I don’t know what to do,” Prokopova recounted, adding statistics.

Of the 332 women who came to the center within a year of experiencing domestic violence, 155 reported that their partner drank excessively or used drugs.

He raped, beat, urinated on his pregnant girlfriend and locked her in the basement. He is 6.5 years old, but his wife still loves him


Jana Michelida, a politician of the Pirates and a member of the Government Council for Coordination of Policies in the Drug Sector, confirmed the statistics based on international studies. “Alcohol was involved in half of the cases of sexually violent assaults,” he recounted.

Better care for men’s mental health

Possible restrictions on when alcohol is sold or advertised are also discussed. “We are happy about the World Hockey Championship victory, but alcohol is also related to it,” said Jindrich Woboril, national anti-drug coordinator. He noted that the main partner of the representation is a well-known brewery.

Vobořil also mentioned the personal story of her daughter, who was sexually assaulted by drunk “friends”. “The police response is that they don’t want to ruin the lives of their classmates. Finally, the policeman ended it with the sentence: “Won’t you go to coffee with me?” Voboril recounted.

The government has said that victims of domestic violence deserve extra protection


Pavla Sominova, head of the National Monitoring Center for Drugs and Addictions, described the negative statistics of alcohol in general. “It accounts for six percent of all deaths, accounting for six to seven thousand deaths in adults annually,” he calculated. For two to three thousand people, alcohol was the only cause of death, for example from addiction or liver disease.

It means no blood alcohol level

Justice Minister Pavel Blažek (ODS) mentioned the upcoming decree, which is to introduce further training for judges in sex crime cases as well. According to Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Olga Richterova (Pirates), there are still differences between large cities and small municipalities in how violence against women is perceived and condemned.

After all, this principle was also mentioned in the subtitle of the seminar: “No means no, even if you have a blood alcohol level, the government has approved the amendment of the Civil Code.” Definition of domestic violence and better protection of victims.

No if no. The Senate confirmed that non-consensual sex would be considered rape


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