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In particular, these groups will protect the skies on approaches to Kiev and beyond.

On the northern lines of defense of Ukraine The creation of mobile anti-aircraft fire brigades based on powerful SUVs is gaining momentum.

about this reported In the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Serhii Naev, Commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that at the first stage of work, 19 such air defense groups were created based on Ford F250 and Ford F350 SUVs adapted to combat conditions.

These air defense groups protect the approach to the skies Kievas well as settlements in the north and northwest of the country.

Mobile fire units are already protecting approaches to critical infrastructure facilities, Nayew said In Volynas well as strategic Subjects of Sumy Oblast.

On January 20, the experienced crew was handed another set of off-road vehicles capable of moving quickly and attacking air targets, including enemy drones. Mohajer-6 and Shahed 136.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

We will remind you as much as possible Attack from the side of Belarus in the Rivne region They form an echelon defense of the frontier line and a circular defense of towns and cities. Regional officials are reviewing plans to evacuate and protect the nuclear power plant.

Note that, according to the analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War, the activity of Russian troops in Belarus now indicates. There will be no attack on Ukraine from the north. This threat alone may increase significantly already in autumn.

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