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“KyivPride” emphasizes that it has never applied to KMDA to close metro stations or allocate funds from the city budget.

“KyivPride” did not appeal to KMDA with a request to close stations Metro or allocation of funds from the city budget.

about this It is said In the organization’s Facebook message.

“Today, after the official announcement of March “KyivPride 2024”, Telegram channels began to spread fakes, which led to a sharp public reaction. Kyiv City State Administration faced the situation and issued a statement to that effect. “KyivPride” denies. The information spread by some Telegram channels, in particular, “KyivPride “We emphasize that KyivPride does not appeal to close metro stations or to allocate funds from the city budget. In the political conflict in the capital mentioned in the organization

Organizers said they turned to the Kyiv city military administration with a proposal to organize a meeting and agree on various options for holding the march. But, no such meeting took place.

“Considering the high probability of a rocket attack, we consider the metro to be the most important and safe place to hold March, especially, taking into account the positive experience of “Kharkivpride”.

“KyivPride” 2024″ may take place in the subway in any form without the official approval of KMDA or Kyiv Metro, however, as organizers, we always recommend dialogue with the authorities,” they added.

It was reported earlier Kyiv city officials disagree with holding an equality march in the capital’s subways He asked the organizers to choose another venue for reasons of security and limited space, and put the onus on them to take care of all security measures in case the event takes place.

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