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Anti-aircraft defense aircraft will strengthen Ukraine’s air defense.

After giving permission to attack the Russian Federation with its weapons, Sweden also agreed to a sixteenth package of military aid to Ukraine. It turned out to be a record – more than 13 billion Swedish kroner. This is more than 49 billion hryvnia equivalent. An important addition to this support will be the ASC 890 type radar reconnaissance and control aircraft.

about this informs Government of Sweden.

ASC 890 is a high-tech internal monitoring and control system. The exact number of planes is not specified, but it follows from the text that it is about several systems.

“It is noteworthy that ASC 890 will provide Ukraine with completely new opportunities for radar reconnaissance and combat control of targets in the air and at sea. Ukraine’s ability to identify and combat long-range targets is being strengthened. The aircraft has a comprehensive solution, which includes training, technical equipment and radar reconnaissance and aviation including formal support for war management.”

Apart from the ASC 890 aircraft, Sweden will send all of its Pbv 302 armored personnel carriers, Rb 99 robotic fighter aircraft (AMRAAM), 155 mm artillery ammunition, etc.

Characteristics of ASC 890

Saab’s Erieye, known as the Air Surveillance and Control (ASC) 890 in Sweden uses Active electronic scanning technology (AESA), which allows you to dynamically adjust the radar power depending on the situation. Radar can cover a wide area or focus on a small priority area.

The effective observation range extends horizontally to over 500,000 km² and vertically to an altitude of over 18,000 m. The system’s range is unlimited, allowing it to detect and track objects including fighter jets, helicopters, cruise missiles and jet ski-sized sea targets. The system typically operates on Saab 340 aircraft at a maximum altitude of 7,620 meters.

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Let’s remindSweden’s Defense Minister Paul Jansson said the country has suspended the transfer of JAS-39 Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine, which would become the first Western fighter in the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ air force.

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