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Aggressors actively use the DRG on the border.

Military tactics Russian Federation The borders of Sumy and Chernihiv regions are now unchanged. Aggressors are shelling and trying to breach the enemy DRG.

This was reported by the spokesman of “Siversk” OSU Vadim Mysnyk opinions “RBK-Ukraine”.

“A clear concentration in a certain area, one of the signs of preparation of offensive operations there, is not recorded. There are no such groups near the borders, which are ready to carry out large-scale offensive operations. These forces are currently dispersed.

According to him, the movements of Russian units and equipment in these directions are monitored and reinforced. In particular, serious attention is paid to railway stations on the territory of the Russian Federation, since there may be a certain concentration of Russian troops there.

Suja (a town 9 km from the border – ed.) and Susemka (a village 9 km from the border – ed.) and “Klymovo” (10 km from the border) station. – Ed.) in the Bryansk region near the border of the Chernihiv region, central stations that bring equipment, personnel or something else,” said Mysnik.

It was in these settlements that the units of the Russian Federation were not delayed. Russians come and go there. Aggressors try to disperse to avoid being attacked by defenders. But as soon as they appear near the border, enemy units and their assets are destroyed.

We will remind, said Andrey Yusov, representative of the Main Directorate of IntelligenceIs there a threat of a Russian attack on Kharkiv and Sumy? According to him, the intelligence agencies are well aware of the situation on the border.

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