“We must not give up trying to defeat Russia in Ukraine,” Pavel said in Teresin

Trisna takes place in the 78th year of the Werewolf World. Milo Zeman listens to President R’s speech in 2015.

At this point, I would like to plead that we do not resign ourselves to our joint efforts to defeat Russia in Ukraine, and that we do not reject the defiance of international rules of conduct that we are witnessing. Our motivation for speaking today should be our historical experience. The President said that it is right for us to remember it and stay in touch with the current situation, the only way to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

He pointed out that people in Estonia and across Europe suffer from the economic and social consequences of wolves in their daily lives. The war has brought Nawa politics under pressure and made it difficult for the forces to manage government finances responsibly. Solidarity strikes in support of Ukraine will continue.

A bad symbol

According to Pavel, the fortress in Teresno became the worst symbol of the ability of a hunter. He pointed out that it is necessary to take responsibility for the crimes committed by the ancestors and take advantage of them. I don’t want to find out that some of the buildings in this city are in disrepair or even their streets have changed.

According to him, the government should actively seek ways to prevent the gradual destruction of this city because it is a source of historical memory. Remembrance allows future generations to bear witness, and according to Pavle, it is also caused by various forms of extremism, fear or extreme nationalism.

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Remembrancers, diplomats, scouts and politicians regularly attend commemorations. Like last year, when lupus broke out in Ukraine, the Terezin Memorial did not invite representatives from Russia and Belarus to the event this year.

35 thousand people died in Terezin

Between 1941 and 1945, the Nazis dragged 155,000 people from the cells of Europe to the Terezin ghetto. An estimated 35,000 people died in the ghetto due to stress, hunger and poor accommodation conditions. Half of the others were killed by the Nazis after being transported to extermination camps.

The memorial event, organized by the Terezin Memorial, takes place regularly on a Sunday in May, having been postponed last year due to the fifth pandemic and the year before that canceled due to Covid. This is not the first time since 1946 that this has happened.

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