Vereshchuk said how many children are still in front-line positions in the Donetsk region

According to the minister, the forced eviction of children from 21 settlements in the Donetsk region is currently being carried out. Vereshchuk recalled that only last week there were 126 children, but as of this morning – 56.

He noted that people leave willingly if they understand where they are going, however, according to him, local people are also affected by Russian propaganda.

“Do people go willingly? If they understand where they are going and what awaits them, of course they will. The enemy’s propaganda has done everything to frustrate the people, people do not have objective information and do not clearly understand what is happening. Our task is how the authorities can make people understand what is happening. , to objectively assess the level of risk, especially for children, especially those who cannot take care of themselves and cannot leave,” Vereshchuk added.

The Minister also noted that regional forced evacuation of children continues in front-line villages of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Let us recall that Vereshchuk reported earlier that there are still children in Bagmud, Donetsk region, where serious hostilities are going on, but it is becoming difficult to evacuate them.

We also previously wrote that from April 18, residents of the Donetsk region will be evacuated to Zhytomyr region instead of Cherkasy region for free.

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