Unions are satisfied with Beck’s demands for the next budget

Although the exact figure has not been announced, according to their calculations, Beck is going to the government with a request to increase the budget for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to 25 to 30 billion kroner next year.

“We appreciated the minister’s requirements for the size of the budget and its structure for regional education, which will ensure salary growth for other teaching staff, including teachers and non-teaching staff,” Seidlová explained to Brava a Novincom.

Part of the money should be spent to cover the inadequate capacity of primary and secondary schools. Also, the minister is said to request the government to increase the teachers’ salary to 9.6 billion, which is 1.3 times the average salary for next year, to ensure legal valuation. 2023. According to the union’s ideas, the total salary increase should be 12 billion.

A 10 per cent wage hike would mean that the share of wage wages would approach 80 per cent of total wages, as promised in the government’s project report. Now the fee is 70 percent. “When the representative of the Ministry of Finance asked about it, whether the representatives of the school administration agreed with it, they were all in favor,” Seidlová pointed out.

Beck will need a billion more for school psychologists and special educators funded from European funds so far. “He believes that, too,” Cietlova confirmed.

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According to Seidlová, Peck did not object to the salary increase of non-academics from September, with the fact that the department could handle it.

According to the trade unionist, a tripartite meeting with Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurecka (KDU-ČSL) on Tuesday should have asked that the fee schedules for non-academics may be adjusted this year.

Beck also wants the government to increase the budget for universities by six billion, according to Cietlova. But according to some rumours, it could be as high as 10 billion.

When asked by Novinek, the Ministry of Education did not want to specify specific numbers, saying the department head wanted to introduce them to partners in the alliance first.

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