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According to him, Beijing and Moscow do not need it.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, believes that dictator Vladimir Putin’s statements about employment. Nuclear weapons A simple threat in Belarus.

He said about this Ether “Public”.

“Putin’s statements about such plans are a regular threat, aimed at getting the Americans to agree to go to some kind of negotiations as soon as possible, to agree to a cessation of hostilities on the terms of the Russian Federation,” the NSDC secretary explained.

Danilov noted that neither Beijing nor Moscow needed to put a “core” on the territory of Belarus.

“The deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus cannot and will not happen until China gives permission. Will the PRC give permission? I’m sure it won’t happen,” he weighed.

According to Danilov, the Russians did not want the war to escalate, but rather to end it as soon as possible.

“There is no need to invent anything here, there is no conspiracy theory. This is a stupid game by Moscow, which always aims to force the Americans and the Anglo-Saxons to enter into negotiations with the Russians, especially in our case.” Danilov added.

Let us recall what the dictator Putin said Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. By July 1, he said, the country would complete the work of setting up a storage facility for such weapons. They said that Moscow did not plan to hand over the “embryo”, but would somehow put it there.

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