They opted for pleats and panels everywhere. Solrn did not answer the phone for customers

Yes, I looked behind them at the prospect of selling Malina, but we turned it down, he shared Economic newspaper The owner of a large company involved in solar business and renewable energy sources, prefers to remain anonymous.

According to HN, Malina Group Energy Holdings concluded an agreement with the press last month, for which it collected deposits of statistics. The company wanted to dominate the Czech solar panel market. However, according to the information currently available, it appears that the company has not been able to fulfill the agreed delivery, Denk said.

The accumulation of reviews from dissatisfied customers is proof of this. So the debt is paid off, the peppers are out, and the photovoltaics are nowhere to be found. The company was not contacted. Not a central office or business center. They sent an apologetic email promising to contact them and nothing. They haven’t imported the product yet, one of them is written on the website Voltaic.

Ten months after signing the contract, nothing. It’s okay to write off a bad debt, but don’t follow the contract. Contact day, call on Sunday, the order said. According to reviews, the company has not been able to complete any orders since last April. Due to this, some criminals filed a complaint against him.

The Malina group is no longer in touch with orders or newspapers. The customer service line is staffed by consultants. Cooperation was established with PR agency AMI Communications, which provided press service for the company. The leader did not respond to the newspaper’s questions. Cyril Regner’s Fa communication has also disappeared from the website.

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Dl EnergoZrouti website The company’s main problem was that it received a large number of new orders, but insufficient assembly capacity. In the current era of errors, the solar panel market has the first assembly workers and repair technicians.

According to HN obchlus, the company made a big play in the solar market in the Czech Republic. I will give them these opportunities. He wants the companies to take over the entire holding, or take over unfinished orders, or cooperate with Malina to complete them. There is no word on whether any company will bid on the offer. Instead, those who approached her rejected her.

F that we are very fast in the market

The company is in the market since 2021. Thanks to rapid growth and strong PR, it has become one of the largest suppliers of solar panels. A year and a half ago, the company had good business results. Within a year, the company was able to install 1,500 photovoltaic power plants, and Cyril Regner praised the speed of delivery.

We have a big advantage in Malin because we have a production factory in n. We produce parts under our own brand Gen2, thanks to which we have full warehouses. With our orders, we ensure fast installation on the market, said entrepreneur Regner in an interview with last December.

According to Regner, this year the company announced that it will focus on social energy because of the new law. First, the businessman said, we want to sell apartment buildings and industrial enterprises in Malin in the coming months and years.

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However, in the summer tunnel, it first appeared that Holding would lose the workers who installed the panel and carried the orders. However, in an interview with Hospodsk noviny jet v noru, Jej f Regner assured that the company would survive.

These are all problems that are trying to be solved very quickly and efficiently. Let’s get it done, Regner said in the hole. According to the expert, the company may threaten the reputation of other Czech companies in this sector.

The holding’s owner, businessman Cyril Regner, resigned as chairman of the board at the end of last year and moved to the supervisory board. Regner became its sole member when Žižkim BM, son of former Prague mayor Pavel BM, left the council for the ODS. The board of directors now has only one son, John Urban.

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