The wild ride of the EZ operation indicates that the government does not have an operational plan on what to do with the country’s energy sector.

NAnd the wild ride of price action of flagships and the latest company to blow up the stock market, EZ Company, lack of transparency is not a concern. According to Only governments can interact with it. The decline in EZ’s prices, coupled with a drop in energy prices to “predetermined levels”, was expected, and stocks are still higher compared to previous years. What is actually happening to EZ stock is worrying.

For example, who cares about the statements of our top politicians that “it’s not right when there is no influence on energy infrastructure”. However, the government has an absolutely negligible influence on it. The state is the supreme rule-setting regulator (on energy, elaborated elsewhere). It strictly regulates the infrastructure (i.e. electricity transmission system) through its own and energy distributors because they are an oligarchy. So the government sets the rules for shops and supervises them. Also, it supports the creation of new sources very strongly (for example, Lex Dukovani, support for RES), of course it sets the rules for shops (OTE) …

Calling it “day influence” is probably a misnomer. But it seems that even this influence is not enough for the politicians. It’s not clear where and why the impact of the story should arise, or at least no one has clearly framed it yet, which is a remarkable folly.

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