The “White Angel” crew came under enemy fire for the second time while evacuating in the direction of Pakmut – News in UNN

KYIV. May 25. UNN A White Angel crew comes under enemy fire for the second time while evacuating a family with four children from New York. One of the pieces hit a 14-year-old girl, causing a scratch, and the other got caught in a police officer’s body armor. Earlier, the policemen were shocked. about this UNN Reports on the police of the Donetsk region.


“Yesterday, May 24, there was a shelling while leaving New York. The shell exploded behind the car. The explosion was so powerful that the fragments pierced the armor of the car. At that time, there were 11 people in the car: five law enforcement officers and a family – a mother, a grandmother and four children ranging in age from almost 2 years to 14 years,” the news release said.

One of the pieces reportedly grazed a 14-year-old girl and the other got stuck in a police officer’s body armor.

“In a critical situation, law enforcement officers acted collectively and decisively. Without slowing down, people were pulled out from under the fire and taken to a safe place. On the way, the child was given first aid. Only after the family was handed over to the care of social services and volunteers, the police officers underwent a medical examination. According to preliminary information, The police officer suffered a concussion,” police said.

As the police remind, on May 15, the “white angels” were injured as a result of an impact near Sasovoi Yar, but immediately returned to work.


The boy Nasser, along with his mother and grandmother, was taken out of Bagmouth by the “White Angel” evacuation team.

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