The teacher told the students that there was no war in Kiev. Will go to court

Richard Petrasek, head of the District Attorney’s Office for Prague 6, filed the indictment against Bednarova on Wednesday. A spokesperson for the municipal prosecutor’s office in Prague, Ales Simbala, confirmed the claim.

On April 5 last year, the now-fired teacher told eighth-graders, among other things, that there was no armed conflict in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and that Ukrainians were being killed in the now-occupied Donbass. Shooting Russian people alive and killing children.

The indictment mentions the crimes of denying, questioning, approving and justifying genocide. The case was brought to the table by the District Court for Prague 6.

“Yesterday, I ran out of pictures of contemporary Kiev. It’s like nothing happened there,” the author posted from April 5 last year.

Communist Skala was given a suspended sentence for denying the Gaddin massacre


When the children protested that they had seen the news of the burning of Kyiv, he asked them if they meant the Czech TV news, and then explained that they should look for information in several sources. “CD1 belongs to a media group affiliated with billionaire Soros. We know who it should be paid to,” the author said in the eighteen-minute audio recording.

At the same time, Russian propaganda is spreading the same claims. However, the Czech student denied wrongdoing or spreading falsehoods, saying he only presented the students with the facts. Only a portion of the lesson lasting 45 minutes is recorded. According to Bednarova, it is taken out of context.

“In class, we dealt with today’s much-discussed topic of the Russian-Ukrainian war and brief, clear histories of both states. I worked only with verified and historically documented facts,” said the server’s teacher last year. However, in mid-January this year, the Prague police charged him with making reports about teaching.

Court: Dismissal was justified

Renata Riedlová, principal of Na Dlouhé lán elementary school in Prague 6, banned the teacher from work and handed in her resignation last May after the lesson’s recording became public. The woman complained about the practice and eventually sued her former employer for termination. However, at the end of February this year, the District Court for Prague 6 ruled in favor of the non-jurisdictional school. He dismissed Bednarova’s case, finding that the dismissal was “absolutely fair”.

“He grossly violated the duties of an educator according to the Education Act, as it is completely incompatible with the principles and goals of education in the Czech Republic,” Lada Horakova, head of the court committee, said after the verdict.

18 people have been prosecuted for approving the war


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