The stump will have two new roundabouts, which are meant to calm traffic and help pedestrians

In Krsni Bezn, work will take place in the city of the flyover on the busy road Slow I/62. According to the Roads and Roads Directorate (SD), the investor of the construction, the current shape of the intersection of Podmokelsk, Pekask and Karolny Svtl streets is not suitable. It cannot move in all directions.

There is no exit from the I/62 road in the direction of Center St. Nat Labem to Podmogelsk Street to Krasno Besno. According to it, it is not accessible from Karolny Svidl Street, I/62 from Center St. Nat Labem, or from Podmogelsk Street from Krasno Besno, so entry from Karolny Svidl Street is possible only from Podmogelsk Street. In the direction of Krsnho Bezno, he listed the shortcomings to speak SD Dana Zikeov.

According to them, dangerous maneuvers of damaged vehicles will be eliminated and local traffic will be reduced overall. That’s how the stranger’s car was captured along with pedestrians and cyclists, he added.

ST protects the crown formation of Kiowatka because you should not follow the posted speed limit around the overpass. This was criticized by the head of the German town hall, under which Krishnan Besno fell.

We made a ten-day menu in both directions, which clearly confirmed this fact. Some idiots here drove at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, which surprised us a lot, said Netmik Mayor Yveta Tomkov (Vae st).

Although the mayor approved the detour, he is still concerned about the short-term traffic disruptions the construction will bring. I’m not over it. This can be a big problem. “I think the construction will lead to traffic delays and queues will form here,” Tomkov pointed out.

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According to St nad Labe mayor Petr Nedvdickho (yes), the construction of a roundabout is also necessary. The technical condition of the flyover is not good. “We have recorded cases of people who could not get to the other side of the building during construction and had to walk through a long tunnel under the railway,” Nevdik explained.

Therefore, the intersection will be an underpass and a cycle lane. The bus stop on Karolny Svtl Street will also be new. According to the plan, the construction of the roundabout will cost approximately 54 million crowns without VAT, and the work should be completed this year.

In the fifth year, the complex and dangerous intersection of roads I/30 and III/25357 between the erpac stations under Chlumec and the entrance to the former gas plant called U melce from the D8 road became known. changes. This city, because of its good visibility, some people drive too fast, causing traffic accidents, often with tragic consequences. The last accident with a fatality occurred in 2019, and two years later a motorcyclist and a pedestrian lost their lives here.

The problem here is that if you drive in the direction of Chlumek or Chabaovice from the side road, there is no time to turn on the main road because of the speeding vehicles.

According to the SD, the planned roundabout should contribute to smooth and quiet traffic and safety of pedestrians. Currently, there is a bus stop near the kiosk, but no footpath. They are to be replaced by new free stops which will be paved.

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Between the stops there will be a protective long island. The reconstruction also includes a footpath leading from the bus stop towards Sapavovice. It is used, among others, by employees of nearby companies who commute to work by public transport.

Traffic will be diverted to one lane at a time during construction of the roundabout. Road III/25357 in the direction of Chabaovice will be completely closed. The expected cost of the detour is 21.2 million kroner without VAT. If all goes according to schedule, it should be ready by the end of the fifth year.

As in Krsni Bezn, here too, while building, you stumble upon columns. According to traffic monitoring data from 2016, 12,000 vehicles pass through the city every day where the roundabout is being built. Don’t be a small truck driver using the road as a freeway.

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