The struggle for D. Schillerove said there was nowhere to go when it wasn’t about the new editor.

The Tetinu Council and the Council of Czech Radio should vote for Cent, and the TV Council should have 18 instead of 15.

Culture Minister Martin Baksa has introduced legislation to promote the freedom of the general public. It is not possible to recall the entire assembly of the first coppers worldwide.

A member of the House of Representatives Alena Schillerov said that if it is not about the election of the head teacher, there is nothing to do. Don’t be surprised by the coalition government’s priorities, Schillerov announced that the plan could fail.

The proposals for members of the Czech Television Council and the Czech Radio Council have a new type of organization that has existed for at least ten years and has cultural, regional, social, trade union, employer, religious, educational, scientific, environmental and ethnic interests. It should remove only proposals from established associations.

You have to consider the author’s choice, it’s obvious, MP declared yes but Juchelka is talking about the law. According to him, this is the reason why the coalition government is changing the law on T spch.

Each of us lives in a different world. Instead, we complicate the way of mastering public to copper and media lines. I live in a world where we consider free public media to be the backbone of democracy. Baxa countered, “You live in a world where the basic principle is to control the public media, to dictate to the editor how or what to do.”

According to the same law, the House must approve Wednesdays and Fridays from 09:00 to 14:00. At other times the opposition can also veto the vote. In case of extraordinary meetings, the draft plan cannot be modified or altered.

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Elections of new General Principal Guardians

In the afternoon, MPs will vote for members of the General Council of the Polish People’s Republic. Following the resignation of Pavel Kizilka, the D Council position is vacant. His successor, Tom Ehke, teacher of the Municipal Library in Prague, high school teacher Jakub Konelko and Jim Plke, proposed by the Cesta Vsru Association for the support of people with autism spectrum disorders, will be chosen by the parliament.

In the Czech Radio Council, the city is protected by the council’s president, Miroslav Dietrich. His opponents were Oldich Wigner, editor of Argo Publishing, and Marek Lichtenberg, representative of the Media Freedom Initiative.

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