The situation at the front on May 25 – in the Chiversky direction, the armed forces were successful

Since the beginning of the day, the enemy has launched one missile attack using four missiles and four air strikes using four anti-aircraft missiles. The invaders shelled the positions of the armed forces 459 times.

On that day Kharkiv direction Since the beginning of the day, the enemy attacked the Ukrainian units three times. Two attacks were repulsed without success by the enemy in the Lipsey district. Another military conflict continues in the Vovchansk region.

During the last day, the enemy lost 148 occupiers in the Kharkiv direction, 35 of whom were killed.

On that day Gubyansk direction Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed two enemy attacks in the Petropavlivka and Nevsky regions. Another battle continues. A tense situation prevails. Our defenders are taking steps to strengthen the positions of the front edge of defense. Steps are being taken to rectify the situation.

On that day Lyman direction An enemy attack was repulsed in the Dorski area.

On that day Seversky direction Since the beginning of the day, there have been two military skirmishes, one of which is still ongoing near Waimka.

“It is noteworthy that here Ukrainian soldiers succeeded in some areas,” reports the general staff.


On that day Kramatorsk direction The occupiers have already attacked the Klishivka area twice. One attempt at an enemy attack has been repulsed and another is underway. On that day Pokrovsky direction The enemy attacked the positions of our troops four times. Enemy losses: 286 Invaders killed and wounded.

On that day Curacao direction Divisions of our troops repulsed two attempts of the enemy in the regions of Krasnorivka and Kostiantynivka. On that day Vremivskyi direction The enemy tried to dislodge units of the defense forces in the Staromyorsky area, failed and retreated.

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On that day Dnieper direction Defense forces repulsed an enemy attack in the direction of Krynok.

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