The right to self-defense includes strikes deep into Russia’s territory – NATO Secretary General

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg insisted that Ukraine should have the right to strike Russian territory as it is granted by the right of self-defense.

He said this at a press conference after a meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Council, according to the European Fact Sheet.

Stoltenberg insisted that it was a war of aggression, that Russia attacked its neighbors and violated international law.

“According to international law, Ukraine has the right to self-defense. We are helping Ukraine realize its right to self-defense by providing weapons and equipment, including long-range missiles, especially ATACMS,” Stoltenberg said.


He welcomed the U.S. decision to ease restrictions on the use of long-range missiles along Russia’s border as Russia re-attacked the Kharkiv region and almost front-line fighting began.

We remind you, America are discussing With Ukraine, permission to use US long-range weapons for strikes deep inside Russia is possible.

You know, after President Joe Biden gave Ukraine limited permission to use US weapons for attacks on Russian territory protested Possible attacks by US weapons inside Russian territory.

At the same time, Kiev wants to agree Extends the scope of this permission.

For details on the summit’s outcome, see Europravda’s briefings from Washington ““Membership without preferences” for Ukraine – what does it mean?

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