The rebel ANO movement disliked Babiš Castle. The mayor of Ostrava is very close to Pavlo

Tomáš Macura (ANO) is the Ostrava record holder. After last year’s municipal elections, he became mayor of Ostrava, the country’s third largest city, for a third consecutive term.

In addition, the former member of the ANO board has long been one of the movement’s few politicians who has no problem criticizing its leader, Andrej Babiš. According to the findings of Seznam Zpráv, Macura’s critical distance from the former prime minister will also be reflected in the presidential elections. The mayor of Ostrava won’t vote for his leader.

“Andrej Babiš has not fulfilled my ideas and ideals that I associate with the presidency of the republic,” Macura told Seznam Zprávám. He would choose from Babis’ opponents.

“I am considering between the two candidates and will make a final decision based on the remaining debates and performances. At the same time, I consider the presidential election to be a purely personal matter and not subject to any party discipline,” Magura added, adding that he would most likely vote for Peter Pavel. .

In August, Magura made reservations about Babis’ then-inaugural campaign, when he toured the republic with a caravan and clashes occurred during his stops in towns. Magura said at the time that Babis would have strong support in the Moravian-Silesian region if he went to the polls. He estimated at the time that unionist Josef Středula could be strong in the region, but he withdrew from Sunday’s elections.

A riotous area

Magura’s regional colleague from the Movement, Ivo Vondrák, Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region and Vice-President of the Movement, will act similarly.

“I will not vote for Andrej Babis in the presidential election. Times want someone to smooth over the grooves, and they are too deep. I’m not saying that any of the other candidates can do this, but I think it’s not a function for Andrej Babis. It will require a considerable amount of nobility and tolerance, considering what others say,” said the governor in the Ptám se já program of Cesnam Spravach.

He also said that Peter Powell will get his votes. “He seems like a person who can express himself accurately, he has a dark part of the past, but I can’t say that I am a completely clean person. Those who did not live in that time do not know what it was like. This is how I see it so far. But I can easily vote from the ANO movement.” said the Vice President of ANO.

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