The police in Rogikonsk solve the death of a woman, the case is taken by Mortbart

Police car – illustration.
| Photo: Leila Hamdanova, Pro

“Signs of someone else’s crime were found on the dead person’s body, so regional criminal investigators took over the case. Given the ongoing criminal proceedings, it is not yet possible to release more detailed information,” police spokesperson Červenková said.

Criminalists, technicians and investigators work at the Radnice na Rokycansko site and secure all traces. From the findings The victim appears to be a middle-aged woman. Police did not want to comment on how she was killed, or reveal where exactly the body was found and whether they suspect a possible culprit. An autopsy will be ordered to determine the exact cause of death.

This year, in the Pilsen area, police officers attended seven murders or attempted murders. The case from Rokycansko may therefore be the eighth. Throughout last year, police officers in the area dealt with 16 serious crimes, 15 of which were solved.

The first murder of the year took place on New Year’s Eve, where a dispute between two foreigners at the hostel ended in the death of one of them. A human torso caught in the Beruns River on the outskirts of Pilsen attracted much attention. The victim was originally from Slovakia and settled among the homeless. His headless body and genitalia floated down the river.

So far, the last case was solved by regional criminal investigators over the weekend in Pilsen. On Saturday evening, an argument between the partners ended with a 34-year-old man being stabbed in the stomach, who was taken to hospital by paramedics with serious injuries. The police have registered a case of attempted murder against a seven-year-old girl.

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