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Product and Nature Conservation Institute R (AOPK) mapped all these barriers two years ago. A total of 193 kilometers of uninhabitable fences in various stages were found in Pla. Ji Kmet from AOPK reports from non-working hunting fences that are completely new and full of metal without defects.

Security guards will tell you whether the fences are up or not. In co-operation with building societies, owners will be asked to remove the black fence. Interestingly, a few kilometers away, in neighboring Lower Austria, fences are not frequent here on agricultural landscapes, Kmet notes.

A fence is erected as required by law and requires a building permit. The guardians of the sale speak to them and, when necessary, you are given special approval in the case of young vineyards. However, in Florida, fenced lots are illegal, or fences may be left on site after the permit period has expired.

Ask the conservation area owners to inspect the actual situation and remove the illegal fence. If you do not do so, we will send the construction removal data to the construction company. We certainly know that in some cases it is necessary to have fences, especially for protection against heavy rains. So Kmet says we will evaluate individual cases individually.

In addition to the administrative measures, the company decided to start removing the old fence. A 150-meter-long defunct fence has disappeared on the road between Mikulov and Glendnis, which occupied the protective line of the Durold Nature Reserve. In the following years, other cities would lose a similar old tree.

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