The old man was looking for a place to stay and he said: I burned the old country

In the past two weeks, the area around Tubis in the national park has experienced several snowfalls. Seats, shade and lookout point at Vl hoe. The owners of the reservation suspected that an old colleague of theirs who had been wandering for a long time was responsible. He went wild: he sang in a choir, played African drums, both smoked marijuana, and talked about how he’s been making a pact with God for the past few weeks.

Suspecting him to be involved in petty crimes, the police took him in for questioning. Ptaticitelet but the criminals tied her up.

He says through MF DNES in his ear that if you are here, I will flood the National Park when you know. The detectives were surprised, they suspected him only from the ruins of small old buildings. But Esco Vicarska was not among the perpetrators of the war.

He’s a self-made man, drums bongos, smokes weed. Worked in many places. But he didn’t last long anywhere. Spey wandered here to his friend, who grew up with him in a panel house on Krsn Lp in Luknowska.

I haven’t seen or heard from him in a long time. Until Easter, when the district police announced a search for him, he had left his father’s house in Rumburg and was reported missing. But really, she sought him out first so that she could ask him about her forms.

When it started raining here, we all came together because we knew that this is the part that knows time and moves in it. We thought he could do it first, taking into account that he has psychological problems because the people of the national park know the south. For twelve years, he was a ranger of the reserve and then, until 2018, a volunteer ranger of the park.

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There was never any problem with him. I don’t remember having anything to do with him. He worked with them until 2018, until we parted for some reason, I don’t want to comment, the head of the national park, Pavel Svoboda.

First, in the last two weeks, several hunters’ lodges, a forest and a lookout point at Vl hoe have disappeared around Tubis. It was whispered here that he could do it since his arrest because he knows it here. But it surprised us because his boss is the boss of such a park. And very conscientious. He chased people on motorcycles while they were going anywhere, and met two old men on the porch of a house near the park.

His wife also gave him, whose identity was not disclosed by MF DNES today. He had a history of drug problems. The last time I met him, he told me about God and how he is on fire. He didn’t even drink. A boy scolded that he should have cursed God even while listening. And Kate, she drank it because PH drank it, she told MF DNES reporter.

The National Park has filed a crime report because of the presence of small farms in the forest and many trees and shrubs being broken down.

Of course, we blamed a silent criminal because there was a dead person and a shadow on our land in the first place. So far, we don’t think it’s the day of the beast from the information we’ve learned, because the police haven’t charged anyone yet, Tom Salov of NP Czech Republic commented for MF DNES.

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According to information from MF DNES, Ji died in hospital at a psychiatric hospital. My boy has no problem. This is the first time. Normal got mad. And you will spill my feces on the newspaper, his father slammed the window of the family home with great force.

Did you make it?

Police do not want to divulge details of the incident at this time. According to the MF DNES source, he is trying to find out if NP esk vcarsko was made for him, but where he went at that time. He will immediately examine his health. It is not certain now whether he actually set the fire.

Police are not commenting on his case because the criminal case is not public. This also applies to public activities that are at risk in the event of a forest fire in Hensko, said police spokeswoman Eliga Kupkov.

Earlier in the year, police said they picked up a circle of people moving around the Malinowo mining area where the fight took place. We have to deal with the circle of people found in that place at that time, and in our view, under certain circumstances it can be suspected that they may have separated themselves from that gang, he said. Zbynk Dvok Deputy of the Regional Police Department at the time.

The police, who set up a special investigation team due to bad weather, initially considered it a common threat due to negligence and later changed the case to common threat.

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