The motorcycle on which Cromski was traveling skidded and fell. He died without treatment

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| Photo: Health Service of Zlnsk Region

Due to speed, the driver and the motorcycle veered off the road in the opposite direction and collided with an oncoming Renault car.

The maintenance code for used motor vehicles costs eighty thousand crowns. A traffic policeman managed the accident. uvd Police speak Radomrica.

This isn’t the first dishonest motorcycle ride. A tragic accident on the 5th of Zles and V Plni streets in Prague 4 limited traffic. After a truck accident, a motorcycle lands there. He was wounded so severely that he died in revenge.

The rescue service sent a police officer and an inspector to the city. The resuscitation lasted about 30 minutes and unfortunately I couldn’t sleep. The injured motorcyclist died at the scene, rescue service spokeswoman Jana Podov said.

A day or two later, after a police chase, he crashed a motorcycle in the Zlch tunnel, landing on the bridge. Before the accident, according to the police, Violeta Siiov refused to stop a police patrol in Prague 4, which chased her for revenge.

Due to high speed, the motorcycle lost control and crashed into the Zlch tunnel. As a result of these injuries, even the dog suddenly revives. The cop discovers the authenticity of the dirt bike.

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