The House of Representatives elected members to a commission of inquiry into the faculty shooting

The ten-member commission will have a tenure of half a year. For the commission to begin its work, it is necessary to elect a chairman, which did not happen on Tuesday. The House of Representatives is scheduled to take it up on Friday. There is speculation that ODS vice-president Pavel Kašník could lead the commission.

Other members of the commission on Tuesday were MPs from ANO Karel Haas (ODS), Helena Valkova and Jiri Masek, Petr Letocha and STAN’s Martin Exner, Michael Juna (TOP 09), Klara Kocmanová (Pirates), Radek Koten (SPD). and Lidovec Michael Kohajda.

The commission, which aims to investigate the circumstances of the December shooting at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, was established after a proposal proposed by opposition movements was approved by the delegates at the end of June. Unexpectedly supported by representatives of the coalition.

Photo: Reuters

Footage of police shooting at Prague’s Faculty of Arts

The members of the commission have the task of revealing the so-called white points from the morning of the exceptional day, i.e. December 21, 2023, until the intervention of the elements ends. The Commission should evaluate the intervention and identify opportunities to improve communication and police tactical-operational management and develop proposals for legislative changes to enable faster and better use of police and intelligence technology with the aim of quickly identifying a potential criminal.

14 people did not survive the attack by the shooter, who was a student teacher, and 25 others were injured. The shooter committed suicide. It later became clear that he was responsible for the double murder of a man and an infant in Glanowicke Les in mid-December last, and the death of his father at the family home in Hosetown, Gladenskell. Police dropped charges in the teacher’s shooting, but prosecutors are still investigating the case.

They did not tell the truth several times and members of the security team beat the Austrians and the police


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