The guard is rescued from the crashed car by the children, who are surprised by the reckless idiots

It was a huge disappointment to us, and a couple of criminal investigators were shaking their heads at the behavior of some motorists.

The tragic accident took place on the afternoon of December 27 last year when both of them were leaving for work in a bus from Jihlava. In Kostelka on road 406, they had a car accident a few minutes before.

The thunder suddenly drove onto the shoulder and crashed into a concrete plinth and tree. The pedestal was under the front of the car when the tree broke and the pedestal fell, police officer Dana Rtkov described.

Two adults were trapped in the vehicle, and two children, a one-year-old and a two-year-old, were in the seats. The broken tree threatened to fall on the car. He was in danger. Also, the front end of the car was damaged and there was a risk of breaking down.

The bus stopped before the crash and two detectives — whose identities police have not released because of their permits and confidentiality — immediately got out and began investigating the scene. At first they helped the elders.

We didn’t even realize there were small children inside. Postka did not speak Estonian, which complicated the whole situation, described one of the criminologists. Recovery completed successfully. Then the ambulance took the whole family to Zhilavsk hospital for treatment.

Pkladn and a police officer received the assessment

They themselves do not help the criminal. Gradually, others joined them and they pooled their help. A colleague from the foreign police helped recover the car, where two asylum-seeking children were rescued.

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Almost and in the eyes of the beholders, many have become criminals. They were in a hurry and the accident did not please them at all. According to the police, they considered interviewing and retrieving the injured an unwelcome interruption on the road.

A passer-by wanted to quickly remove a broken tree on his way. Those were the days when criminals were caught in crashed cars and shook their heads.

They were too hasty, they said, to give the idea that they walked round the town through the meadow, and did not even look to see if anyone needed their help.

They both received an award in the form of glass plaques from the regional police teacher Milo Trojenko for helping the accident in their spare time. Similar experiences confirm that there is always a policeman working in our regional editorial office who is not indifferent to what is happening around them, declared Trojnek.

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