The grandson has confessed that he tried to kill his grandmother for money. He is 14 years old

“I plead guilty and I want to express my true remorse for what I have done. I love my grandmother, I always have, I always will, and I am sorry for what happened,” the defendant told the court. He said he didn’t want to hurt his grandmother and wanted to turn back time.

The man faced 15 to 20 years in prison, and Judge Jana Novakova decided to impose a sentence one year more than the statutory rate. “The court believes it can give you a lighter sentence than the statutory sentence,” the judge told the defendant. He noted that the person has not been subjected to criminal activity in the past and according to experts, he has a good chance of socialization.

Because the defendant pleaded guilty, the court did not have to hear the entire testimony. The man can only appeal against the verdict on the amount of punishment and damages, according to which the insurance company must compensate approximately 1.1 million crowns. In a judgment of conviction, the sentence is final.

According to the verdict, last November the man attacked his 69-year-old grandmother at her home in Netvorys, Benesovsk region. According to attorney Martin Susky, he knew the woman in the house would have the money. In the barn, according to the indictment, the grandson entered the house wearing a fifty-centimeter metal tool. After arguing with the woman in the kitchen and hitting her twice on the head with a tool, the injured old woman fell into a deep coma. The man then left the home with an undetermined amount of money.

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The woman was found two days after the attack by relatives who called for medical help. To this day, she remains unaccountable due to her severe loss of consciousness. The consequences will be permanent, the prosecutor said in his closing argument.

He wanted to kill his aunt with a trick and got 13 years old


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