The garden near Kladno was built and maintained under the care of an English gardener

Our reader, Mrs. Jaroslava, explains that at that time she and her husband were no longer young. When they finally finished the house and were able to move in, another phase of hard work began for them, landscaping and building the family garden, because they did everything themselves. It wasn’t easy.

Today, they live very beautifully in their house and garden all year round. “There are cottages everywhere, beautiful forest paths, a bike path behind the house, a nice stream, we are surrounded by forests,” the owner of the garden calculates that she and her husband basically live in the middle of beautiful nature. If only there were no airplanes.

“The only downside of the beauties is that there is a lot of air traffic above us. The only moments when there is nothing flying above us are the moments when we experience a truly wonderful peace,” he describes.

Do you have a garden? Can we see her?

For this season too, we have prepared the most beautiful garden competition for readers, and once again prizes worth CZK 100,000 are up for grabs. The deadline is August 16, 2023.

It is said that the garden is not large, but it has a decorative and useful part, and it is not easy to build it on a plot of land where it is first necessary to cut down old trees and bushes. Remove the stones and plow the land. “We appreciate everything very much. Although today he doesn’t have the strength to do everything, the husband still, among other things, takes care of the thuja trees and bushes and trims them beautifully,” says Mrs. Jarmila.

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However, the owner did not succeed in this garden only by careful pruning of thuja trees and shrubs. He made benches, built a gazebo, built a pool. “My husband did everything himself,” the reader boasts of a very hardworking and talented husband. He only says that because of their advanced age, it is no longer possible for them.

That’s why the other side of their garden is useful. “We try to grow and grow anything. I think we do well,” he says, adding that in addition to a lot of work, it makes them happy. The main thing is that she and her husband should still enjoy and be happy with everything they have honestly built up over the years.

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