The expert named other satellite states of Putin – TSN exclusive –

The expert did not rule out that Putin could deploy nuclear weapons not only in Belarus, but also in other satellite countries such as Syria.

The Russian Federation is reportedly going to transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus. At the same time, Ukraine, understandably sounding the alarm, said the U.N.

Military and political analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko told in an exclusive interview what the words of two dictators, Putin and Lukashenka, mean and what they think in general.

According to him, talks about placing nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus have been going on for a long time. For example, in October 2022, inside the walls of the UN, the representative of the Russian delegation Kostiandin Vorontsov said that Russia wants to transfer the Iskander-M to Belarus and place it on its territory. And these missiles can use nuclear weapons.

“He also talked about the fact that Russia is ready to upgrade the SU-25 attack aircraft so that they can carry a bomb with nuclear components. I wonder why the attention is being stimulated now. This is not the first problem. Day,” the expert noted.

Kovalenko emphasized that Russia is precisely the country that can significantly change the situation around the world with the spread of nuclear weapons.

“He continues to say that this is the proliferation of nuclear weapons and that certain laws must be followed to eliminate this possibility. Putin said that it was necessary to eliminate nuclear weapons in general. I mean, what Putin says is 100 percent false. He continues to manipulate, publish fakes, so somehow in the past nuclear power It was a game on his part at that time to say he tried to level the threat. Now we see a completely different scenario,” says the analyst.

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Russian nuclear weapons are not limited to Belarus

The expert did not rule out that Putin could deploy nuclear weapons not only in Belarus, but also in other satellite states.

“What would happen if, for example, a character like Bashar Assad turns to Russia with a demand to put nuclear weapons on the border of the Syrian Arab Republic. Vladimir Putin, a war criminal wanted by the International Criminal Court. Of course not denying, that is the whole risk. Limit Russia in these possibilities, as these weapons spread to other countries. Kovalenko says that it is necessary to react in October 2022 to somehow reduce the threat.

Nuclear weapons may not reach Lukashenka this year

The expert is not sure that 2023 will be the year when the Russians can place these combat units on the territory of Belarus, but there may be such a possibility in 2024.

“But now we observe a completely different situation – the Republic of Belarus may become a country on whose territory Russia will place its nuclear weapons. Theoretically, such possibilities exist. We need to carry out a proper reorganization of the infrastructure for the placement. Apart from nuclear weapons, this is a very complicated process – for the protection and preservation of this material to take place. “It will take a long time in Belarus, which means that even if there is an old infrastructure from the time of the Soviet Union. Not in the best condition. Therefore, today the international community has to deal with the problem of what Russia is already a catalyst for the spread of nuclear weapons around the world,” says Kovalenko.

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Putin legitimized Xi Jinping

Oleksandr Kovalenko notes that Putin somehow framed Xi Jinping with his statements on nuclear weapons.

“The nuclear club should also think about this, because, for example, Xi Jinping, with whom Putin spoke the other day, with whom they raised the issue of nuclear weapons, China has always taken a position of non-proliferation. And threats in nuclear weapons rhetoric are unacceptable, and now Putin in some way Xi has shaped jinping. they talked about things that russia does not adhere to. so i don’t think that everything that was said was completely stupid. i like it. the relationship between beijing and moscow will not deteriorate, because the main thing for china now is to subjugate russia. they will remember that. They plan, they will absorb Russia politically, economically, technologically, resourcefully, completely and totally. It can only accelerate,” the expert concluded.

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