The armed forces already use the Cheetah to destroy Russian missiles and drones

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use Cheetah anti-aircraft guns


Armed forces of Ukraine received Cheetah anti-aircraft guns.

For two months, Ukrainian soldiers learned to work on this combat vehicle in Germany. about this reported Zahid Aviation Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The Cheetah is an analogue of the already well-known ZSU Cheetah in Ukraine. They differ only in radar stations,” they write.

“The weapon of our anti-aircraft self-propelled installation is two 35-millimeter guns. We have radar stations for tracking and searching for targets and guidance. The third important component of the installation is the on-board computer. It analyzes all the parameters of the target and guides it to the target,” he said. Vitaly Cheetah team commander said.

“We learned to work on this combat vehicle in Germany for two months. It was thorough, intense and thorough training. But even now we are improving our skills. We are constantly training and developing strategies for actions in various situations,” he said. Soldier.

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“We strive to achieve the highest efficiency while repelling air missile attacks and destroying the maximum number of targets. Today, our training fighter aircraft, simulating the flight of a cruise missile, took to the sky. And radio engineering, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire teams controlled this target. “They practiced detection, capture and conditional destruction,” said the deputy chief of the current operations department of the Western Air Command.

They report that the crew located all of the target’s aircraft and successfully intercepted, escorted and conditionally destroyed it.

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On June 2, during a Russian missile strike against critical infrastructure facilities, anti-aircraft missile units, aviation and mobile fire teams of the Western Air Force destroyed 18 Russian Kh-101/Kh-555 and Kalibr cruise missiles. Responsible and six attack drones of the Shahed-131/136 type.

On the night of June 5, the Russians attacked Ukraine with 27 Shahed-type attack UAVs. Air defense destroyed 22 drones in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Poltava regions.

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