Tank crews of the Kolotny Yar regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died in the battles for Pakmut: photo – tsn.ua

It is noteworthy that the fallen knights covered the infantry.

The tank crew of the 93rd separate mechanized regiment “Kolotny Yar” of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died in Ukraine.

about this reported Brigade press officer Irina Rypakova on Facebook.

“I don’t know how much more heartache there will be… our dear boys are gone forever. The whole crew. So honest, so funny, so humble. They were amazing. Rest in peace. And your killers be damned. Don’t rest in life, not in death.” Irina wrote.

Volodymyr Dyachenko, a fighter of the 93rd regiment, spoke about the work of this crew and thanked the dead in the comments under the press officer’s post.

“The crew was wonderful. They really helped us so many times. They always covered the infantry. Thank you very much! The whole earth is full of fluff for you! Glory to Ukraine,” wrote the soldier.

In “Come Back Alive” Fund clarifiedDuring the battle for the city of Pakmut, in the Donetsk region, Andriy Melnyk (driver-mechanic), Vitaly Kopets (team commander, call sign “Diaba”) and Serhiy Leontiev (gunner) died.

It should be noted that Vitaly Kopets took part in the battles in the Isium district of the Kharkiv region. Warrior said “Novynarnya” release knocked out an enemy tank during the battle, and the enemy managed to damage his car. After that, the fighter was treated, then he returned to the front and received two trophy tanks under his command.

We would like to remind you that the situation in Pakmut is complicated and there is currently a very high level of tension there. The Russians are constantly attacking this city and trying to occupy it. “The enemy has thrown Wagner’s reinforcements into battle. Our soldiers are bravely defending their positions in the north of Bagmut, trying to prevent the encirclement of the city. Our resistance under this bridge has been going on for months. During this time, the enemy’s attempts to capture the city were defeated by the determination of our soldiers. Our defenders suffered significant enemy losses. caused, destroyed a large amount of equipment, engaged Wagner’s best assault units in battle and reduced the enemy’s offensive capabilities,” explained Col.-Gen. Oleksandr Chirsky visited Pakmut on 5th March.

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In its report, Great Britain’s military intelligence notes that Ukraine is strengthening Bakmut with elite units of the armed forces.

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